About me

I’m thrilled you’re here heading to the soul of my website.

WHO I am

My name is Roberta, I live in Cagliari (Sardinia) and I work for SAILOVER, a great company managing sailing boat rental in South Sardinia. In SAILOVER, for which I work from April 2019, I have an hybrid role and I deal with Booking and Marketing following the entire process that get guests on board and beyond: starting from the discovery moment up until post-experience management, going through Customer Care and Sales, Relationship with Partners, Building and Management of the Website, Multichannel Communication, Advertising.

This blog started instead during my freelancing phase and showcases more my role as a Marketing and Communication Consultant. During that time I liked to define myself a professional able to wear different hats and back then those suiting best were Storyteller and Customer Experience Manager.

Today, I would need to think twice this duo and what I can offer to companies I work with, and better articulated the narrative of my competences. Despite this need, time is running out and talking about yourself becomes secondary when you work for a company you love.

Below, I will then share just some scraps of what my profile appeared to be at the end of 2018, before different experiences which completed even more my skill set. Here is how I described those two hats back then.

Why Storyteller? We’re all suckers for stories. They make us enjoy life and understand it better, connecting people with other people and people with the products they need or like. This concept makes me a passion-fuelled writer, an advocate of communication and marketing campaigns able to generate emotions and real improvements in your everyday life of those reading and watching them.

Why Customer Experience Manager? We all agree customers are the heart of any business’ action, but being this easier said than done, I find some companies still struggle in the process of putting customer satisfaction first. And since I love challenges, I really enjoy blending Marketing endeavors with Product Management, Sales and Customer Care efforts.

WHAT I do and HOW I can help

Working with me means you will be helped to get known in your market, selling more, reducing the costs and risks of growing your company. I can also support your small business in optimising processes related to marketing, communication, customer care and teams organisation.

You can define me as a Full Stack Marketer, which is a pretty geeky term to say:

  • My skills blow across different channels
  • I succeed both in strategy and execution
  • I am creative yet technical and like to use both sides of my brain
  • I am flexible to adapt to different situations and projects
  • I have practical working knowledge, I can edit PSDs one minute and the next one I refine the HTML of a Newsletter
  • I always push myself to learn new things

Precisely, I work with Marketing planning, Content Marketing strategy, Storytelling, Social Media, PPC, SEO, User Experience, Email Marketing, Landing Pages Optimisation, and much more.

You will appreciate also my ability build a WordPress website totally by myself, as well as my competence interacting with designers and developers in delivering any project. I try to speak their language as much as I can.


One of the most inspirational quotes for my work as a marketer is:

People don’t buy what you do but why you do it

The sentence summarises the preaches of Simon Sinek, the popular US consultant, author, and motivational speaker and it represents for me a piece of wisdom able to galvanise and motivate any business willing to succeed getting closer to its customers.

I see problems as opportunities, chances to experiment and learn with the goal to reach my potential, getting also the satisfaction of being able to measure results. I want to give a contribution, make a difference providing a high-quality service, taking on challenges and responsibilities while contributing to hacking the growth of the company I work for (or with) and of myself.

My professional goal is to offer my knowledge and collecting accomplishments being able to stay here in Sardinia, my beautiful island, learning and improving my skills day by day.

Are you interested to discover more about me?